Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Magical Woods + Mom Time | Michigan Child Photographer

I feel life has been spinning much faster lately. Jeremiah started kindergarten and i had a breakdown over it. I was not ready. He had been ready for some time. Adeline already knows who she is and i can't even remember if she was ever a baby. She is so head strong and solid. I hope she got that from me, lol.

Daddy was gone for 5 days to California for work and we really missed him. Actually i am awaiting his arrival as i type this. He missed his flight. And i miss him.

While he was gone i tried to really revel in the time with the kids alone. I tried to be mom and not "working" mom. It was fun. But its a struggle, i wont lie.

On this day we took a trip to the woods. They are actually within walking distance from our home but the kids feel its this magical place far far away (ok so do i). I love the way their eyes light up with amazement and wonder. They get so curious about the tiniest flower or bug. And in those moments i find myself the happiest. I wish we could stay there and never return (the bugs would probably carry us home though) to the real world. Its our never land. And i feel the moments are so fleeting as they grow so extremely fast. So i of course stole some moments on the camera as to not forget.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Back to School Model Shoot | Sydney | Michigan Child Photographer | United States Child Photographer

First i have to say thank you to Miss Sydney and her Family for letting me borrow her for this shoot. She was the perfect personality i was looking for. And she is such a gorgeous young lady, i just had to have her for this shoot. I often find models for my visions. This turned out just as i had imagined. Maybe even better than i had imagined. I had been feeling in a funk creatively and this pulled me right out of that. Just what i needed.  This is the same set up i will be using for my Back to School Minis this coming Sunday. So don't forget to reserve your spot! Send me an email to Amandamlipsey@yahoo.com

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Tayler + DeAndre | Baby Love | Michigan Maternity Photographer

Tayler and DeAndre are expecting a sweet baby girl! I am SO excited for them. I was so happy when they wanted me to photograph them. They are too cute and very much in love with one another. We went out to Eagle Eye golf course and just spent the time basking in some seriously gorgeous light. I am so excited about all of these images!!

Monday, September 12, 2011

Brittany + Josh | Married | Grand Ledge Michigan Wedding Photographer

Brittany and i went to College together. I was completely 100% honored when she asked me to photograph her and Josh on their wedding day. I always get nervous to photograph other Photographers. She made me very comfortable and let me just take the lead on the photos. We had a blast and finished just in time for the rain to fall. Their reception was a blast. I had so much fun!