Thursday, December 8, 2011

Emma Grace | Michigan Newborn Photographer | Michigan Child Photographer

Emma Grace is here!! This child is near and dear to my heart. Her mama and i have known each other since middle school. I was so excited for Sara the day she got married and then just completely exploding with joy when i heard she was going to be a mama. I knew she would be the most amazing mother. Sara and Nick made a gorgeous little lady for the world to love. Emma has the most adorable little toes. She looks just like her daddy and is so sweet and snuggly. I was just so honored to photograph her. Cannot wait to watch this little beauty grow up!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I heart Faces | On Your Feet | Michigan Child Photographer

The challenge this week for I heart Faces is themed "On your feet". I instantly thought of this image i had just taken last weekend. Brooklyn was really not into the Christmas Mini's we were doing. And honestly this was my first time doing them and i was a little nervous too. So we were just a pair i am sure LOL. But i loved this image. She wouldn't let me take her photo. So instead i focused "On her feet". And it turned out to be one of my favorites from the session.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Courtney | Hot Mama Session | Michigan Boudoir Photographer

Anyone who knows me and is familiar with my photography can probably count on no fingers how many times i have blogged a Boudoir Session. Thats because i NEVER have. Sure i have done the sessions before (not many) but no one has ever let me put them up. I was so super excited when Courtney gave me permission. She is so beautiful and we had so much fun, how could we not share them?! Courtney's awesome husband is currently deployed fighting for our freedom. And she wanted to give him a little something for Christmas. What guy would NOT love this gift?!?! I may have to rethink the whole boudoir session thing. I had WAY too much fun doing these. And The Studio has the most amazing light for them. Courtney is one Hot Mama! All Mama's are beautiful. Sometimes i think we forget and need a little something to remind us. These sessions definitely do the trick i think!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Snow Day! | Michigan Child Photographer | Lansing Child Photographer

I have never really been much for snow. But something has struck me this year. I just fell in LOVE with the snow that we were covered in on the other day. The night before it kept coming and coming with no end in sight and i just knew that school would be canceled the next day. Even though they had not called it off yet we called our own snow day! There was no way i was going to be heading out in that mess NO WAY. The little ones woke me up the next day so excited. I threw on my boots and ran out the door. I am sure my neighbors thought i was looking pretty good in my plaid pajama pants and my plaid boots of which did not match my pajama pants HAHAHA. But was it gorgeous.

We had so much fun being home all day. We built Mr. Frosty and made some cookies. While the kids napped i made some bread. Which in the end turned out to not be very good :(. I am no baker. But i am learning. The kids gobbled up the cookies (and so did the husband). I ended the day in silence and some hot tea. AND some flames shooting from the microwave. Dear Santa, I need a tea pot. Our whole town looked like a winter wonderland. BUT many were without power and there were lots of trees down. Including one blocking our road. It was much safer to stay inside snuggled up.  Below you can see our day. I tried to document as much of it as possible. It was my first snow day home with the kids since Jeremiah started Kindergarten and i was feeling all weepy. Happy Winter to all!