Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Heart Stopping Moments

I think every photographer, Be it amateur or professional has those moments. Whether it be when its snapped or when you come across it when editing. It just hits you. Your heart is in your throat. Maybe even a tear in your eye. Its hard to breath just for that second of time. And just in that same second of time you hear that familiar voice thats says "YES! this is why you do this. This right here is it. Your reason".

This is one of those moments. Those reasons. My tiny voice was screaming. And my heart did a little fluttering dance. And in this moment...I am happy.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Whimsy & Daydreams

My heart all a flutter.

There is nothing more thrilling and exciting than to get that shot you saw in your daydream. I daydream in odd tones of color and sun flare is always present. I daydream in a world of fairy tales and silliness. But i also daydream in a world of love. I love,  love and all things lovely. Not just your typical example of love. Its a given there is love between a mother and child and husband and wife. But there are other types of love. The kind we don't plan on. Those little treasures of a moment that remind us of home. Or an object we see that sends us back through time to a moment when we were free. We are all born open minded and dreamy. Over time those moments of whimsy can become few and far between. I look for the whimsy. I look for the moments in which i forget whether its really happening or if i am in my daydream.

My latest collection of Whimsy Daydreams......

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I Love Dirt!

We had a great friend of ours and her three sons over to play last week. They really reminded us of what kids are. They are little explorers. They are dirty. They are silly. And they could wear themselves out any day, any time with a good amount of dirt and mud. I am so thankful for these images. So glad i was able to realize to get the camera. I love everyday situations. I love the beauty of everyday situations. I am an everyday person and we are an everyday family.

A little Dirt don't hurt

My baby Girl Likes dirt too!

The dirty Knees

Such Curiosity!

Very Stand By Me Ish

May we all get some time to play in the dirt now and then!