Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Friday and a Secret field of flowers

Its Friday!!! I think it means more to those who do not work from home. I still get excited though. That means i have a photo session the next day...Well usually. Today that is the case. I have a new family i am shooting tomorrow and i cannot wait to meet them. I will post a peak of them here in the next couple days.

While traveling to visit my mother at work today i discovered some fabulous places. I find myself scanning the road a lot these days. My eyes fell upon a field of weeds...The most yellow beautiful weeds EVER! Tons of them. They may be just weeds to someone. But to me they were this fabulous places calling for a little girl in a sun dress...I went home and took my daughter straight there to test the area. She was not so keen on the idea however. The flowers are as tall as her, well almost. Here are some shots i got though.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Getting My School On!!

So the Spring Semester is ending. I am VERY happy about this. I love school but i am ready for a break from that kind of school. I have decided there are so many other things i want to learn. Almost all are related to my photography...Wait scratch that they ALL are. Some involve God so i would say that those are still related.

I have decided to pick a task each week and learn it..How? Tutorials, youtube and any other resource i can find. I will be posting my assignments to myself here. That way i can be accountable...Will i miss a week or 5??? Yea its possible. Its almost guaranteed. HAHAHAHA.

But i plan to do my very best. Its so important to me. I have so many things i would like to learn. I owe it to myself. Maybe then i wont be so hard on myself...Then again maybe not!

Here is a photo from a recent engagement session...What a fun time. We came across this train and just had to do some on, in and near it. They are such a fun couple. How awesome is it that they met while camping when they were 15?!?!?! That almost never ends in a wedding. I think its one of the best loves stories EVER!! They are also in my "COOL" book because they were so generous and took me home after i locked my keys in my car during their session...True Story!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Busy Busy Little Bee and a Big Change

Well Long time no post...Whew geez. I promise it is not due to Laziness. I have been shooting, editing, studying and mommy-ing and such. Been doing about 4 Shoots a week so i am pretty much spent by the time end of the day comes....Thats usually when i post. So any way...School is winding down. I am glad. I am sad. I absolutely LOVE learning new things. But i am over exhausted.

So i gave Studio portraits a try. I rented myself a little space and invested in some equipment...I just did not feel the flame i feel when i am on location with kids and their families. My heart did not flutter as much. Not nearly as many gasps of "WOW that was an awesome shot"...I wont lie there were some moments like that...But i am addicted to those moments and that feeling. It just is not happening there.

So i move out of it on Thursday. A little sad but i just don't feel like that is where i am meant to be. If it means fewer shoots in the winter, then so be it. I would rather love it than just do it to get through.

Wedding season is upon us and my palms are sweaty...Excitement and nerves. This is my first "OFFICIAL" wedding season. I can't wait.

I will leave you with some recent shots....I hope you enjoy them.