Wednesday, March 17, 2010

#74 and Tears

So my heart seems to be beating out of my chest. I can't help it. I was number 74!! And now there is 186!!! 186!!!! Oh My! And their stories are beautiful. Tear jerkers or laughers that bring tears. I am no writer by any means. I keep my fingers crossed that my words were enough. Am i worthy? Gosh i really hope so!! If you are not sure what i seem to be ranting about please visit here.

I hold onto 74. I kiss it and love it.

I am feeling more confident these days. I know god has sent me the way i need to go. If this seat is where i am meant to be, well then by all means i will be there. So i leave it up to him. But i wont lie. The butterflies in my stomach are simply active. And my fingers are most definitely crossed...My bra straps too (As my Mother would say).

I finally had a little break in work so i decided i should take my daughters 9 month photos...She cried through most of her sessions HAHA. Go figure, my kid is afraid of the camera...Great!

Here are two i wanted to share with you.....

Thank you to my newest follower. i appreciate you.

14 Days Until Amy Wenzel announces the winner!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Just feeling so loved and blessed

So today has been such an awesome day. After posting my entry for Amy Wenzels workshop i shared it on my facebook. I wanted all my friends and family to know about it. It was such an amazing opportunity i had to share my excitement. I also shared it with Mallory. I wanted her to know that day still means so much to me. Our cause still means so much to me. So many emotions were brought out. Seeing all the awesome comments and good luck wishes just made my day. I feel so blessed and lucky to have such amazing people in my life. Whether they are teaching me awesome things or just there rooting me on. I am so very thankful for all of them.

Everyones comments just proved to me more, that seeds were planted that day. Many of them. And i just thank God i was there to be a part of the entire experience. How very cool. I wanted to share them here. I wanted to archive them here. Facebook walls will fade but i can always come back to this blog...Back to this day.

Mallory Crowner ~ Blessed. Blessed, blessed, blessed, blessed, blessed, blessed, BLESSED! If you get a chance, checkout my friend, Amanda's, blog. :o)
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Mallory Crowner
2 hours ago

Andrea Hussey Awesome
2 hours ago

Shawn Taylor Pohl very nice Mal.
about an hour ago

Shellie Cook Kundrat Absolutely beautiful. Brings tears to my eyes.
about an hour ago

Amanda Barron Lipsey Geez now i got tears. I wish we could go back and slow that day down...I want to be back there as a fly on the wall and see all of it again.
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Samantha Mclean Awesome pics...loving it
about an hour ago

Lacy Fuentes I just read it and cried through the whole thing. Amanda good luck!!! I enjoy everything you write. :)
about an hour ago

Nicole Wilson I read it with tears as well. Amanda, you are AMAZING!!!
about an hour ago

Teresa Reed You deserve to win Amanda...Since I have known you, you have always put your heart and soul into this and you deserve this you have a very special talent!
about an hour ago

Tammy Ibarra Good luck Amanda! It was a very special day. Hope you win! Very nicely written.
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Who doesn't like to be cheered on?!?! It all just made my day. Just another clue to me that my life is heading in the proper direction. I just want to send a virtual hug to all of my supporters and to everyone who was there that day to support such an awesome event and cause!!!! AND today i have 6 followers of this blog....Thats 2 more than yesterday....Awesome!

22 Days until Amy Wenzel announces the winner!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Website Update, Links and Germs

Okay so i know i keep saying i am working on my website...I tell no lie i swear. I had no idea it was going to be so hard. I apologize for not having it up sooner. If you need to find me or are itching to see the beautiful people i photograph...LOL please visit my fan page on facebook.

If you are looking to contact me please feel free to send me an email @

I finally feel like my little ball is rolling. Today i have 4 followers...Tomorrow i will hope for 5.

Sooooo The doc called this morning...Yay me i have Mono!!! But looks like i have had it for some time now....Hopefully it will be gone soon. I don't do "Tired" very well. It most definitely does not look good on me. And i also would like to swallow without any pain....But hey thats just me.

P.S. i am kicking myself for not keeping the posts from my old blog...WHY? WHY? Ugh. Sometimes i annoy my own self with the things i do...I can only imagine how my husband feels HAHAHA!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thursday! I know i did. I got to watch my Bonus Childs band concert....And they were pretty sweet! No one rocks a clarinet like Sid!

Here are some photos from the last couple sessions...

23 days until Amy Wenzel Workshop winner Announcement

Amy Wenzel Workshop Seat Give Away!!!!

Grrrr i cant get this to link to the website so click here

First of all let me say how VERY excited I am to hear that the fabulous Amy Wenzel And Iheartfaces are giving away a free seat to her Workshop. I have been dreaming about these workshops and saving for a while now. This is my entry. I am terribly nervous. Wish me Luck!

The contest asks that we write about how we inspire people. Of course for me September comes to mind. September 1st 2009 I experienced one of the most important things I have done.

My very good friend Mallory has Alopecia Universalis. She does not grow hair anywhere on her body. Mallory has had this for many years. She does not hide behind a wig or prosthetic. She is bald and beautiful. I have always admired her for her strength to be able to do so. Last year I came to her with an idea. ”I want to shave my head in September”. Yup that’s what I told her. I wanted to walk in her shoes for an entire month. I wanted to bring Awareness for Alopecia. It affects more people than most know. People normally just assume they have Cancer. Alopecia is not life threatening. But it can be life-style threatening. So more Awareness is a must!

So we started to plan it. After a handful of others who were interested in Shaving theirs too. We then decided we need a venue. So we held it at the courthouse square in the center of our small town. We had no idea what was about to happen….

September 1st 2009 came. So did over 200 people. We raised around $1200 in 2 hours. The most amazing part…Over 50 men and women shaved their heads. It is by far the most important thing I have ever done in my whole 25 years of life. I realized that day...all it takes is one person. One seed can spawn many flowers. I believe Many Many flowers bloomed that day. I can only try to understand how awesome that day was for Mallory too. So many Friends and Family stepped up not to mention strangers as well!!

As I walked in her shoes…I felt so honored to know such a beautiful woman. She is such an awesome individual who takes on the world everyday.

At the end of it all my hair grew back of course. I was actually sad when it came in. I felt my important journey had ended. But now I realize...every time I share the story of my journey, I am still educating. I love sharing my experience with people. I love seeing their reaction…Inside myself I am secretly hoping it inspires them to do something out of the box and important too.

Winning the seat at the workshop would mean many different things to me. I am going into my 2nd year of photography. I still get nauseated before every session. I worry about lighting and techniques. I get nervous about my little knowledge of the Photography world. Photography is almost like another child to me. I nurture and love it and watch it grow. This seat would definitely help this flower grow! I think this workshop will help me with confidence most of all. I first heard of Amy at a mini Seminar from Jasmine Star. Click here to see the back of my bald head on Jasmines Blog. Find jasmine and look below that. I was so excited to see the back of my head on her blog HAHA! I am a dork i know. I feel just so very excited and lucky to have a small chance to win this.

Below are images from that day. Click on the images to see them larger. Thanks to Mariposa Photography for these Photos.
Me and MalloryAn Amazing Moment