Friday, February 10, 2012

The Peculiar lives of Children Giveaway | Michigan Child photographer

Its time! Its here! Thats right, the giveaway is officially on!

The Peculiar lives of Children series has been an enormous hit. These sessions are so extremely special and dear to my heart. I absolutely love children and their fantastic imaginations. I love hanging out with them in their world.

SO who wants to win one for their very imaginative little one?! YOU DO!

Here is what you have to do.

I want to you to interview your child. Ask them about their imaginary world. Find out about the creatures they meet and the places they visit. This will be the theme of their very own session. We will base the entire session on their dream. 

Submit a photo of your child and their ideas to by Friday February 17th, voting will begin February 20th

We will then put their photo and idea up on my facebook in an album. From there the voting will take place. The person with the most votes (Likes) will win a session built completely around their idea. SO be sure to share share share the giveaway to maximize your votes.

The Fine Print
* All voters have to like my page and like the photo
* All ideas must come from your child
* Facebook has nothing to do with this contest
* Keep it fun and clean
* Winner receives the session and an 11x14 of their choice for free. All other products and prints are not included in this giveaway.
*Session MUST take place no later than June 30th, 2012
* Session will take place in the Charlotte Area. Travel is not included in this giveaway.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Washabaugh Family | Michigan Family Photographer

The Washabaugh family contacted me for photos to be done the day after Thanksgiving. I don't normally work on Holiday weekends but i have known them for some time and knew their girls were only in town for a short time. We had no idea what kind of weather we would end up with in November in Michigan. Man was i excited to have such a glorious beautiful day. The Sunlight was amazing and perfect. I love SO many of these images. The light is just stunning. I rarely get this perfect of light. And can we say gorgeous? What a beautiful family!

I couldn't decide if i liked this better in black and white or color