Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Home + Growing | Charlotte Michigan Photographer

With all my effort into my business my home and personal world suffered greatly the last two years. I decided that it would be a goal of mine to change this in 2011.

I feel change is upon our house. I feel the air changing and i am loving it. I can tell my family is too. Most things are in their beginning stages. We try to play more and work less when the kids are home. My yard has suffered the most i think. That will be my big home project for the summer. I decided to share some sad but true images with you of the sad sad yard i am dealing with. But i promise to soon share some beautiful garden and grass in yard shots.

Here is what i am dealing with....

We hat to cut down some dying, ugly and grass killing trees

We seriously have NO grass

This is where the Garden will reside. I can see it now (insert dreamy music here)... An abundance of veggies just flourishing!

While cleaning out the above sad garden spot i came across all these spare fence and chicken wire pieces. I will be recycling these into my compost holder.

This is my very sad attempt at a bird spot. I really need to make it a little more attractive for sure!

This is the piece offering i have been giving to the birds whom's homes we may have destroyed when cutting down the trees. I hope they make some beautiful and colorful homes with these yarn scraps

Here is Garden spot #2 i am think Corn and maybe some Sun Flowers. I may be a bit over ambitious on this spot but we will see.

So now you have seen it, you can hold me accountable.

More Growth......

I spoke in another post about the upcoming HUGE change in my Photography Business. The keys are now ours and we are just itching to get in there. We are ready to begin creating a space that is unique and funky and artistically pleasing. I cannot wait. This is a big moment. It Amanda Marie's version of the first footprints on my own little hot pink moon. Ahhh so excited!!!

We have Keys!!!!!


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Big Changes!!

So for those of you who are on my facebook you may have seen that i posted some HUGE news was coming....Well here it is!!

Please say "Hello" to the future home of Amanda Marie Photography in Charlotte.

Don't mind the mess. I know you creatives can see past that. I am NO studio photographer but i really needed a place outside my home to work and be creative. With me being so spacey sometimes i just get too caught up in work and neglect my family or home life. Yup thats right i am big enough to admit it. i am human, its cool.

I will keep everyone posted on when we think it will be up and running. We plan to open the space up to other photographers who are in need a place by the day or hour as well so keep that in mind.

YAY i am so beyond excited and as soon as i know more i will let you know. And of course will be posting After shots as well. Consider these the before shots.

The other BIG news is about the other blog i will be contributing to SHOOTBABY! is a blog all about All thing Newborn Photography related. I am getting ready to submit my first blog so be sure to follow there too. Especially if you are a photographer.

And the last and final big news is i am getting a new Website!! I am hoping to launch it when we open the new studio space. I will keep you posted on that as well!!

I am just SO excited for the future i can barely sit still.