Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cruz William | 8 days New | Michigan Newborn Photographer | Unique Child Photography

World meet Mr. Cruz. Such a handsome little man. I have to say this baby holds a piece of my heart. His momma is not only my newborn assistant but also one of my best friends. His big sister Avery just loves her baby. You can tell by all the kisses she gave. And she was NOT happy when we were putting him in the sling. She over saw the entire session to be sure we were treating him properly. Such a little doll she is. We spent nearly 3 1/2 hours at the studio just having fun with him. He did not care much at all. I like it when they have that kind of attitude! Such a sweet little man.

The Details
Nikon D700
50mm 1.4
Sling made by Lil Sprout Creations
Visor by Merry Props
Hats we made by his mama :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Devin Iris | Hello World | Michigan Newborn Photographer

Oh my my my what a beautiful little lady Devin is. I just photographing her. She is such a sweet little bundle. Welcome to the world little dreamer.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Get your Small on! Small business that is! | Michigan Child Photographer

When it comes to the holidays we all feel the pressure. But who feels the squeeze a ton? Small Business owners. I have been wanting to blog about supporting your local businesses but needed to find a way to make it fun and inviting. SO, i visited some of my favorite places in my local economy and thought i would share some really fun ideas with you.

I don't know about you but i hate nothing more than getting a gift i have zero use for. I end up feeling bad that someone spent money on it for no reason. I think its important to really take the person whom you are buying for and really think about what it is that they like and or use. Everyone has a hobby, a place they go every week or at least a place they want to go often. Whether it is a coffee shop, gym, restaurant get it. So why not support them while they support locals. I would LOVE to not pay for coffee for a week. Or i would LOVE a month at my favorite LOCALLY owned gym. People use those things. Believe me NO ONE is going to forget to get free coffee for a week.

Here are a some of my favorites. These may spark some ideas about what you could do at your own local stores.

Fays Evelyn Bay Coffee Shop (Where i get my fix)

*Gift cards are GREAT! We coffee drinkers LOVE them. But they also sell lunch and Ice Cream too! Great for kids or adults! They Cater as well. Someone having a shindig soon? Why not pitch in on the goodies. I am telling you people LOVE free!

The Yarn Garden (Where i learned to Knit!)

Oh come on, we all know some Yarnies out there...You know the type. They have their bag full of projects in process or a spare room with multiple skeins hidden away from their husbands. Why not stop in and get them something to help them along with their projects

* New Needles
* Project Bags (These are a MUST, they reduce serious tangling! And promote organization lol)
* A Chicken Tape measure is every girls dream!
* Custom buttons
* Super cool Pattern books
* She also has some yarn in that is from someone local!! Double the Support!

Corey's Carousel (Where i get my Calories on!)

Corey's is for sure an adventure every time! OH WHICH FLAVOR?!?!?! I am serious the cupcakes are TO DIE FOR! Oh man the frosting OH the frosting. And Cakes galore anything you can dream up! And she also offers a create your own sundae. Talk about options. Its horrible for Gemini's we cannot possibly make a decision if our lives depended on it. SO many toppings

* Who does not LOVE cupcakes? Seriously, you bring home one of those pink boxes and you will be queen for a week..Or King...Hint Hint guys.
* Or maybe just pick up a gift certificate and treat someone
* Know someone getting married or having a birthday? Why not cover the cake for them.
*SHE HOSTS BIRTHDAY PARTIES!!!! How cool is that?!

Missy's Shop of Style (Where i get my hair did)

*Hair cuts are something we pay for regularly why not get your lady or gent a giftcard.
* And if you are feeling extra generous add a color and highlight while you are at it!
* They also sell great hair products. Step away from the Pantene!

Bella Grande and Bella's (Where i get my accessories and cool clothing)

* Again gift certificates rock!
* Accessory Land! They have SO much to choose from
* Also a great place to bring th clothes you are no longer going to where and consign them!! CHING CGING money in your pocket
* P.S. the ladies there have fabulous fashion sense they WILL NOT let you walk out of there with something that does not look good on you. Scouts honor!
*P.P.S Say "HI" to Maxine for me! She would be the furry four legged creature :)

Michigan Untapped (Where all things are from Michigan ONLY!)

* Michigan Beers! Things you cannot get anywhere!
* Yummy Jams made right here in good Ol' Michigan
* Local art
* Even kids toys and books all from Michigan Folks!

They are Celebrating their One year Anniversary in December so get in there and check out what they have going on for their celebration!

Annnnnd Don't forget me!!! Amanda Marie Photography

I offer gift Certificates! Mama's LOVE pictures of their babies no matter what age they are! Also, they make great baby Shower and wedding gifts. The gift of memories is something people will cherish for the rest of their life and onto generations after them! Keep an eye out i will be offering a sale on Gift Certificates VERY soon!

Also just a side note...Do you know a photographer? We offer studio rental at The Studio. Why not cover a couple hours of rental time for them? We all gotta start somewhere!

Get creative, think outside the box. Go small. NO ONE WANTS A FOOT MASSAGING BATHTUB THING!!! Seriously!

Happy Local Holiday shopping to you!!!!