Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!


Monday, October 25, 2010

Working on Our Plan

I have been preparing and researching for our Dream Trip. I know it may seem excessive to start preparing now, but i think its really important. I started a binder with folders. I have a list started for many things like, Places to visit, Places to do Photo Sessions, Ways to make and save Money, Free Parks and Parks referred to and just any other helpful tips. The Making money part is one area i have been focusing on. The main sources will be from our skills. Jer = Construction stuff and Me = Photography stuff. I am working on some other ways too. 

*I started an Etsy account to sell prints and other crafty items. It should be up in the next few weeks with items. i will post a link here then. 

*Another way is affiliate accounts. I signed up with Amazon as an affiliate account. See image below. I could not figure out how to move it. Also at Zulily  has some pretty awesome kids stuff and deals on it. So if you feel like showing me some love. Zulily is a great place to get gifts.

*I signed up as an Ambassador for Barefoot Books
These are awesome books and gifts for kids. You probably already know about barefoot books but didn't realize it. Check them out!!
*Our Donation Button. I am not one to beg for money but i felt this could be a great way for our family and friends to send gifts in the future. We will be limited on space so sending material things will be hard. And also i love to visit random blogs of people doing cool stuff and sending them a couple bucks to their dream or cause. I think everyone should have a donation button. I see so many cool blogs by people i feel like i know and would love to send a gift to.
So this is where we are so far on the monetary part of the trip. This has been a repeat question by so many. I thought this might help explain our plan a little. Also keep in mind that it doesn't cost nearly as much a month to live on the road as it does to live in our home.

If you have a suggestions or ideas on this please please leave a comment below. I am all about other cool ways to raise funds to keep us going.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Zombie Ball and the E.R.

Halloween is by far my favorite holiday. I love getting dressed up all crazy.  Our friends started having a Zombie Ball, this year was the second year. The theme this year was "Dead Rockers". Jer and i went as Jim Croce and Wendy O Williams. Below are some images of my pals and their significant others. We go all out! I was getting my groove thang going on the dance floor and well took a fall. My night ended with me in the E.R. Umm totally worth it though. We had a great time. Now i have a bum leg. Waiting to hear from the radiologist on whether there is any kind of fracture or not. 

My schedule is pretty open next week as far as Photo shoots and you know what, i am not sad. I am going to have a week long "Get caught up" editing session. And this bum peg leg is a good excuse to keep me seated. 

 Hope you all have a Fabulous Halloween!

Friday, October 22, 2010

FAQ: Winter + Studio | ?

So with the blustery weather on its way i seem to get asked the same question a lot. And i have some fun answers. Outside of the box fun answers.

Q: What do you do in the Winter time since you have no studio?

 A#1: I have fun! In your home! I know what you are thinking...In my HOME?! Whats fun in the home? You are fun! Your family is fun! Think more documentary style. You and the kids making cookies, Bath time, Silly time, Story time, and Bed time. Are those not the true moments of a family. THAT is a true family photo. Doing what families do. Where do i come into this? I am the fly on the wall documenting the moments. No saying Cheese, No yelling look at the camer, just you , your family and your life....Being documented.

 A#2: SNOW BALL FIGHT!!!!!! How fun would it be to just go sledding, have a snowball fight or make snow angels together? And then come in for a cup of Hot Cocoa. Another real family moment!

Q: Why don't you have a studio/ When will you get your studio?

A: I do not have a studio for quite a few reasons. Reason # 1 I feel confined and so do children, Reason #2 I feel like studios produce the same image for everyone,  i like to let my clients create their own moments not create a moment for them and then set them on the proper spot, Reason #3 Studio lighting does nothing for me as of yet,  Reason #4 I am a rebel, i have always been different, and well i choose to remain that way into my adulthood.

A: When will i get a Studio? Probably not anytime soon. Studios are a dime a dozen, you however are one unique creature. I plan to take my Photography (and Family) on the road. Opening a studio now would make no sense at this time, as i would have to shut it down.

I hope these have helped answer maybe a couple questions about my Photography you may have had. On-Location Photography is so much fun and can really become whatever you want it to be. Just have to get yourself out of that Mass Production Portrait Studio box.

Hope you have a Fantabulous Weeked!!!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Camera | Love

I fell in love with a new piece of Jewelry. I just had to share it with you. Can you believe it cost me $2?!?! Yea i was pretty stoked myself! It puts a smile on my face to be out in my mundane parts of life, and catch a glimpse of its reflection. Reminds me of a strong love, similar to my Wedding ring and my Mothers rings. Its camera love. And i truly do have a love affection with my new beautiful contraption. I need to name him. He is fabulous and needs a fabulous name. Some suggestions are welcomed!

Where was this taken? Umm yea on my Mannequin Torso. Did i fail to mention i really lurve vintage mannequins? Umm yea i do, a lot. And yes i did just say Lurve. I might have a head of one in my front window whose hair and accessories i change for those who pass by to see. I find it highly entertaining, and so does the neighborhood i am sure. Good Stuff.

Monday, October 18, 2010

"Hello little visitor"

Say "Hello" to our little visitor. Jeremiah discovered him today as we were walking up the driveway. He was on the large side of the Caterpillar scale. I love to see such curiosity and excitement in the kids faces at these moments. Jeremiah really wanted to touch him. I asked him to "Pleeeeeease be gentle", and he was.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

The right way to Pose

Just a quick thought i wanted to share. I always say i don't like posing people. Its true. Kind of. Sometimes the best pictures come from posing them and waiting.

So I think i now believe it's not about the "Right" way to pose, its about any pose and waiting for the "Right" moment.

Here are two examples of what i would consider the "Right" moment.

These are two people very special to me. Travis and Carli are not just clients of mine they are my good pals. If only you could hear the conversation during these..."Smile like you love me", "Mmmm your hair smells so good". HAHAHA Guess you had to be there.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Under Construction

If you have been anywhere near my Blog the last week, then you have seen the changes. There are many more changes to come. I have decided to take this blog in a different direction. I love to write and share my life with everyone. Not just my pictures. I want this to be one place family, friends, Photogs ,and just readers can come to read about what we have been up to and see the images i love to share. 

The Lipsey's are taking some new paths in their life. Big changes! One i can share is our change to our four year old sons diet. Which also affects us. We have decided to take out red dyes from his diet. He has had some wild behavior and we feel it has already made a change. We are changing out diets in other ways too. But slowly. I don't want to send the kids into shock. But we will be cutting out all processed foods and yucky yucky stuff. Slowly but surely.

Jer and i had some good conversation(on date night!) about the RV trip and he is definitely on board. Now to get that RV. Saving starts now. I am so excited, its actually ridiculous how much. I sleep, eat and think RV RV RV. How can we do this. SIMPLE SIMPLE SIMPLE living. I am so ready.

We have a lot to do before we get there. And when i say a lot i mean AAAAAAA LOT! AHH! 

I just know we were meant for this. Now its just letting things fall into place and getting our ducks in a row. So keep checking back to see what we are up to. It is about to get really interesting and highly entertaining i am sure.

Of course i cannot leave you without a picture so here is one of my beautiful child. She turned 12 this summer.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Getting our Minimal on!

They Lipseys are getting swallowed up by things. Ugh! Clutter is everywhere and it is driving me batty. Jer and I both have the tendencies of a Hoarder and it is scary. Today i have decided to update my Blog and write my Column and that is it for digital work. Today is PURGE day!! I am so nervous. I am so excited. I need some more coffee i think.

Jer and i took a weekend sabbatical. No computer, barely used the phone and lots of campfire. It was so amazing. We needed it. Bad. I feel rejuvenated. I think he does too. I am trying to get him ready for Life on the road byt giving it to him in small doses. HAHA. He told me "You are really making me like this camping thing".  I was beaming with joy from that statement.

I feel like there are steps to getting to the day we pull out of here in out rig. The first step is to slowly teach the children (and the husband) that less is more. We do not need 175 dvds. We do not need 12 pairs of shoes and 14 pairs of jeans. We really don't NEED much. Its all about looking at things in a different way. I think this concept will be harder for Sidney (our Oldest) and Jer (the oldest HAHA).

I was reading a Blog last night and it really put things in perspective. Ok well actually there were two blogs the other is here. They both really explain the Less is More idea. We are all just trained to thing we need more and more and more. We need the best and the most. But we lose sight of the most important. Do i want my kids to look back and say "WOW mom and dad were so cool they bought us everything we ever wanted" UMMM NO! I want them to look back and say "Wow mom and dad taught us so much" Or look back and just remember special times and cool experiences. Not remember things. I want them to remember moments. So small steps start today with big purging!

Happy Monday to you!!!

I don't have an iPhone so this is my version of like Hipstamatic
Our Minimal Campsite. That is it. Where did we sleep? In the Van of course. Nomads we are.