Sunday, December 26, 2010

Baby Love Giveaway | Charlotte Michigan Newborn Photographer

   Do you know an expecting Mama?

Are you an expecting Mama? 

In the spirit of the season of giving I think it is time to give away some love.

And I LOVE Newborns! I mean who doesn't?! 

So tell your friends! Tell your family!

Starting January 1st 2011
Amanda Marie Photography of Charlotte Michigan will be hosting a giveaway on my Facebook Fan Page

The Goods: One Expecting Mama will receive a Newborn Session on me ($150 Value) and a Brag Book to show off her new bundle of love to her friends and family
How does it work?

Email a photo of the mama and her beautiful bump or an ultrasound photo to: Please include her name
Photos can be emailed anytime between now and midnight on December 31st 
**Please do NOT email copyrighted images with a water mark or an image you do not have permission to redistribute they will be deleted**

I will then upload them to my Facebook Fan Page

Starting January 1st 2011 Send your friends and family there to become a fan and vote by "Liking" your image under the Album "Baby Love". Only Amanda Marie Photography Fan votes will count. So be sure to let them know that.

Voting will end January 8th
***Don't Forget to share it on your Facebook and Twitter to get more votes***

Please Keep these Giveaway policies in mind

1. Only one photo of one mama can be entered
2. No Copyrighted Images please
3. Only Fans of Amanda Marie Photography Votes will count

Good Luck!!!

***This giveaway does not include any prints, they may be purchased separately after session is completed and gallery is posted***

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Blissful Day

   2010 has been a very busy year for our family. Mostly for the Mama. With my business taking off much faster than i ever knew and me having half the information of what i should have was Chaos. It was a necessary evil, yet a saddening rude awakening. I needed to be busy to pay the bills and also to learn. But i missed out on SO much family time. I feel like my family hates my computer. I feel like i have gazed into the computer rather than into my husbands eyes. I feel like the computer has become this thorn in the family. But it also is part of the lively hood of this family as well. We didn't do very much out of the home as a family at all this year. And i feel terrible about that. But i just know that each year things get better. And i can feel that 2011 is our year. For the first time we are going to be doing things we want to do. Just enjoying family more and worrying and stressing less. 

 Today was a great day here. I knew this morning when i woke up that it would be. Jer and i turned off our phones and made Sid turn hers off while we were tree hunting. 

  We spent the morning having coffee and chatting while the little ones played. We then headed out grabbed Sidney from her Mama's and headed off on our Tree hunting journey. I take my camera every year. I love the experience. This year was technically Adeline's first year since we were out of town last year and didn't get a tree. After the tree decorating (and naps) we then had some hot cocoa and candy canes. Just a super blissful day. We really needed the time away from the world. And it was a total success. 

It has ended with Adels puking however. But even that couldn't have ruined this day. She is already back to normal.

Ahhh Love the room in this van

Silliness in the back

Mama is never in any pictures, so here she is!





She found the Ice Cream to be a bit confusing

"Hello, Grandma are you there?"

Friday, December 10, 2010

All about The "Fluff"!

   I decided a few months ago that there were SO many things that i wanted to learn. I got it stuck in my head that 2011 would be "The Year of Learn".  Not learn like go get a degree learn. I wanted to teach my hands. Well the fire was lit well before 2011, i just could not wait. I have never been told i am a patient person. And well i have never claimed to be one either HAHA!

    I approached my Mother about a few skills i wanted to learn from her. My mother has always been a fabulous cook, a sewing diva, and she has the know how to make homemade applesauce and also the ability to can tiems. Why oh why was i such a self centered teen? I could already know this. I mean she did it in the house right there where i grew up. She had a HUGE garden when i was younger. Yet my plants die almost the second i bring them in the house.  We started with sewing. I have a lot to learn still. I am so excited for the things her and i plan to create. Creating with my mom is something i love. Those moments are so important to me. I scoop them up and keep them somewhere special in my memories.

   The learning bug has taken me over like a vicious flu and i am throwing up beautiful finished products. HAHAHA did i really just say that?! Yes, yes i did.

SO now onto the beautiful throw up i speak of......

 Family, Friends and Clients meet "Fluff"

 We know i like to make up my own names for stuff. Its just something i do. I have created my own language i am pretty sure.

 What is Fluff? Fluff are those fun pieces that add a little flare and fun to your photo and or life.  Whether it be A headband, a hat, a tutu or a boa. Fluff is fun and Fluff is silly. Fluff adds personality to a session.  Call me crazy but that is what came to mind when i was trying to come up with a name for the new line of accessories i am creating. Honestly, my teacher is my writing class used it when talking about filler in your paragraph. And when i was thinking of a name for things you add to your session spice it up, fluff came to mind. I can't explain why,  it is what it is.

 What will Fluff consist of? Right now i am making headbands like the one below. That is a prototype. I am still perfecting it. I will be making many variations and lots of styles.

 I also took up knitting. What does that mean? Cute hats for all sizes!  Mama's we will be having fun playing dress up with the kiddos. I have been making Tutu's for years so of course those already exist.

 Not only will these be available for sessions but they are also available for purchase outside of your session. I am hoping to have the online store up and running in a few weeks. And for you local folks they will be available at a local Children's Boutique as well. More on that soon.

Are you as excited as i am?!?!?! I am currently working on the logo for Fluff. I cannot wait to get the store up and running.

"Hi, i am Fluff"

Adorable right?!

 I would love to hear your feedback on this. And any crafty pointers you may have for a girl who is learning!

Friday, December 3, 2010

Hip Mountain Mama Giveaway!

Just a quick Blog to let you know about a great Giveaway.....

Hip Mountain Mama is offering a really great Green Giveaway on The Organic Sister blog. Check it out Here on The Organic Sister. Want to just Check out Hip Mountain Mama your self? Go Here!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

At home with the "W" Family | Grand Ledge Michigan Family Photographer

First i want to say how fun this was. We had one who really really didn't want her photo taken. And i think it made for a funny moment when everyone cracked up at her. Sometimes you just have to get them outside in the fresh air. And there is where we got her real true smile. I hope you enjoy looking at these as much as i do. 

Second i want to say that i LOVE these kinds of sessions. These are good for the winter when you can't get outside in the parks. Documenting families at home just being themselves. We don't always get that "Perfect" Family photo where everyone is looking and smiling. BUT we always get shots of them in their element. These moment are what makes a family. And these are those moments we usually miss as we are living them.

These moments are a true family photo. These are family moments.

There is that smile!!!!

Big Brother "D" the sweetest boy!!

Daddy's are always good to have on hand for some giggles

I love this picture. I turned off my flash and let just the star light it. I think it turned out perfect!