Saturday, December 3, 2011

Snow Day! | Michigan Child Photographer | Lansing Child Photographer

I have never really been much for snow. But something has struck me this year. I just fell in LOVE with the snow that we were covered in on the other day. The night before it kept coming and coming with no end in sight and i just knew that school would be canceled the next day. Even though they had not called it off yet we called our own snow day! There was no way i was going to be heading out in that mess NO WAY. The little ones woke me up the next day so excited. I threw on my boots and ran out the door. I am sure my neighbors thought i was looking pretty good in my plaid pajama pants and my plaid boots of which did not match my pajama pants HAHAHA. But was it gorgeous.

We had so much fun being home all day. We built Mr. Frosty and made some cookies. While the kids napped i made some bread. Which in the end turned out to not be very good :(. I am no baker. But i am learning. The kids gobbled up the cookies (and so did the husband). I ended the day in silence and some hot tea. AND some flames shooting from the microwave. Dear Santa, I need a tea pot. Our whole town looked like a winter wonderland. BUT many were without power and there were lots of trees down. Including one blocking our road. It was much safer to stay inside snuggled up.  Below you can see our day. I tried to document as much of it as possible. It was my first snow day home with the kids since Jeremiah started Kindergarten and i was feeling all weepy. Happy Winter to all!


Juge said...

Your an awesome MOM!!! I enjoyed reading your blog and then seeing all the pictures, this is one case that I can say the movie was as good as the book! lol

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